L.J. Peak Scouting Report

L.J. Peak

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Rodney Pryor Scouting Report

Rodney Pryor

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Maryland Completes Epic Comeback Against Georgetown

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Maryland Completes Epic Comeback Against Georgetown


Washington D.C. – Maryland completed a seven point comeback with a little more than a minute left to play, with an emphatic block by freshman wing Kevin Huerter (6’7 190) at the rim, against Georgetown guard Jagan Mosely. The final was 76-75 in a game littered with fouls and sloppy play. Maryland held an early lead and the game ended up being tied 31 all at the half. The real story of the game was the officiating, which was poor to say the least. At half there was 29 total fouls and at the end of regulation there was 56! There was a lack of flow to the game clearly with all of the fouls, but the game itself was entertaining and competitive throughout.


For Georgetown this loss will be a tough one to swallow. Blowing a lead in the final minute is never easy let alone a seven point lead. Georgetown had several key turnovers at the end, a Rodney Pryor travel and a Tre Campbell stepping out of bounds. These turnovers kept Maryland alive and they capitalized. Rodney Pryor (6’5 205 SG) a graduate transfer from Robert Morris, scored 32 points against SC Upstate last week but struggled to get much going against Maryland. Pryor used his length to get in the lane, but made more of an impact from the perimeter making 3 of 6 from three. Pryor has the ability to score in bunches by using his driving ability and perimeter game to keep defenses honest. Other than scoring he does not provide much ability to get his teammates involved. Pryor finished with 14 points on 4 of 12 shooting and 3 of 6 from three, while getting six rebounds and two steals. Isaac Copeland (6’9 220 SF Jr.) showed an ability to score off the bounce attacking the lane often. Copeland is an intriguing prospect due to his size and versatility. He will need to become more of a consistent shooter to be effective at the next level. Copeland was extremely active on the glass using his length to keep balls alive on the offensive boards corralling six total. Copeland finished with 13 points, 13 rebounds, three steals and 2 assists.


The player who started to take over for the Hoyas was L.J. Peak (6’5 215 SG Jr.). Peak had a very efficient game. He did not come on until the second half, but attacked the lane at will and drew fouls regularly. Peak’s strong frame allows him to take on contact while maintaining control and finishing scoring plays in the lane. If Peak shows more of an ability to make the three point shot he will have a shot to be a draft pick after his career. Peak finished with 21 points, one three pointer, 5 of 8 from the field, on 10 of 12 free throws with two rebounds in only 20 minutes due to foul trouble.


For a young Maryland team this was a huge confidence booster. Led by Melo Trimble (6’3 185 PG Jr.) the Terps stay composed and pulled out a tough road (albeit 17 miles from campus) win against an old rival. Trimble was quiet much of the first half until the second he looked like the Trimble of old. He has his explosive burst back when going by defenders. He doesn’t rely on his body shielding defenders off as much on drives like he use to. Now he just blows by them or uses his patented crossover dribble to shake them off. Trimble finished with 22 points on 7 of 9 free throws, with two assists. Majority of his points came by blowing by defenders for layups. The most impactful player for Maryland was Justin Jackson (6’7 225 F Fr.). Jackson has a ridiculous 7’3 wingspan and he uses all of it when playing defense and crashing the glass. Jackson was the steady offense during the game when the Terps looked to be struggling or fading from the Hoyas. Jackson showed an ability to stretch the floor hitting 3 of 5 three pointers, while also being able to put the ball on the floor and driving the lane. Jackson’s versatility will be a mismatch against a lot of teams especially if Maryland decides to play small ball. Jackson final stat line was 17 points, on 7 of 12 overall and 3 of 5 from three, as well as seven rebounds.


A couple other key performers for the Terps were Anthony Cowan (6’0 170 PG Fr.) and Kevin Huerter. Cowan had eleven points, five assists, five rebounds and three steals. Huerter finished with six points, five rebounds, two assists, two blocks and one steal.


The Maryland and Georgetown rivalry needs to happen every year. The real question is will it. What do either team have to lose by scheduling each other. It’s one of the best areas in the country for basketball. Hopefully pride doesn’t get in the way of making it a tradition.


Up next for Georgetown is vs Arkansas St. on Thursday

Up next for the Terps is vs Saint Mary’s (MD) on Thursday

American University Scouting Reports

Sa’eed Nelson – PG 6’1 175 Freshman

Scouting Report : saeednelson11-11-16


Leon Tolksdorf – SF 6’8 225 Senior

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Scouting Report : leontolksdorf11-11-16


Delante Jones – G 6’5 195 Sophomore

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Scouting Report : delantejones11-11-16

Maryland vs American

No. 25 Maryland Grinds Out Win Over American



College Park, MD – Maryland edged out American 62-56, by pulling away in the last few minutes of the game. In a season after Maryland lost four of its five starters to the pros, the Terps showed what might be their achilles heel. Other than AP All-American Honorable Mention Melo Trimble they lack pure scorers that can create. Maryland struggled to get any continuity and offense going throughout the entire game. They had a few spurts and runs, but nothing consistent. Melo was relied on heavily to bail them out near the end of the shot clock, something that seems to be a reoccurring theme of his career thus far. American showed some real grit and was competitive throughout. They showed that they will be in the race to be one of the top teams in the Patriot League.


The Eagles top returning scorer from last year Delante Jones, a 6’5 195 lbs. sophomore shooting guard, struggled to get it going in the first half. His shots weren’t falling and he seemed to be pressing a bit much. Jones used his length to get to the basket and his solid shooting stroke in the second half to finish with ten points, three assists, two rebounds while hitting two big three’s late in the game. The player that kept the Eagles in touch with the Terps throughout was freshman point guard Sa’eed Nelson (6’1 175). Nelson provided stability and continuity to the Eagles lineup playing a total of 35 minutes. Nelson made an impact on both ends of the floor. On offense he excelled at getting in the lane and drawing contact. While he did not record any assists he kept his teammates involved and made passes that led to other teammates getting assists. On defense Nelson played the passing lanes very well and scored on multiple turnovers on the break. Nelson finished with 12 points, 2 rebounds and 3 steals in 35 minutes.


Other impact players for American were freshman center Mark Gasperini (6’10 250) and senior forward Leon Tolksdorf (6’8 225). Gasperini led the team with 14 points, three rebounds and two assists while making two three’s. Tolksdorf finished with eight points, two assists and two made three’s.


For Maryland the offense seemed to look eerily similar to coach Mark Turgeon’s entire tenure. There was a lot of dribble hand off and screens and then when the Terps realized they were running out of time it turned into high pick and roll ball. Luckily for the Terps they have one of the best options to bail them out in the country in junior point guard Melo Trimble (6’3 185). Trimble excels in running the pick and roll and attacking the lane. That is where he will make his money at the next level. Melo was Maryland’s only consistent offense in the game. It seems that he could have been even more aggressive if he wanted to, almost getting to the rim at will. Melo tried to set things up for his teammates, but it was a very uninspiring offense to say the least. Trimble finished with a game high 22 points, four assists and three rebounds.


Starting next to Trimble was top 100 recruit, point guard Anthony Cowan (6’0 165). Cowan was a pest on defense and pressured ball handlers all night. On offense, Cowan played some point even with Melo on the floor. He showed he will be a great option to run the team if Turgeon wants Melo to play off the ball. Cowan was also the most active rebounder tying for the game lead with nine rebounds, five of which were offensive. Cowan finished with 12 points and nine rebounds.


Maryland also had a good showing from Duquesne graduate transfer L.G. Gill (6’8 230). Gill, a power forward, scored several times in the post using a right hook. He was very active on the glass, which led him to go 7 of 8 from the free throw line.


Maryland will have to figure things out fast as they prepare for local rival Georgetown. They will have to execute at a much higher level on offense and be ready for Georgetown’s Princeton offense.


Up next for Maryland is @ Georgetown on Tuesday.

Up next for American is @ Texas A&M on Monday.

Spain EURO U 16 Scouting Reports

Spain was the champion of the 2016 U 16 Euro’s



6’3” – G – 2000 – Class of 2019

Spain – Estudiantes (club team)

Stats : 5.1 ppg. 6.7 rpg. 3.1 apg. 2.4 spg.

Notes : Long. Very explosive athlete and leaper. Elite quickness. Needs to improve jump shot especially from 3. Shot release is in front of his face. Shot is way more fluid when in the catch and shoot or in rhythm. Needs to improve ball handling to play point guard. Potential is there but basically a 2 guard right now. Very good defender. Very good on ball. Very quick. Causes a lot of turnovers and has potential to be a lockdown defender. Elite rebounder for size. Elevates in traffic over players. Out jumps everyone.

Projection : Low Division 1 Prospect



5’10” – PG – 2000 – Class 2019

Spain – Joventut (club team)

Stats : 9.1 ppg. 2.6 rpg. 3.4 apg. 3.3 spg. 34% 3pt.

Notes : Small but elite quickness especially with the ball. Most passionate player on the floor. Solid 3 point shooter but starts his shot very low and sometimes has too quick of a release without holding his follow through. May struggle to get shots off against bigger defenders. Tends to take very deep ill-advised 3’s at times. Extremely skilled ball handler especially in traffic. See’s floor well. Good passer on the break. Very pesky on ball defender. Can guard 1v1 full court. Great lateral quickness and fast hands. Complete pest on defense.

Projection : Mid Division 1 Prospect



6’7” – C – 2002 – Class 2021

Spain – Real Madrid (club team)

Stats : 16.3 ppg. 12.4 rpg. 2 apg. 1.9 spg. 2.9 bpg. 72% fg.

Notes : At 14 the second youngest player in the tournament. MVP of the tournament and most dominant big man. Big long frame. Strong and explosive athlete for size. Runs the floor at an elite level for size and can handle the ball on the break. Shooting form is ok but rotation needs work. Has to improve free throw shooting 35%. Needs to develop a mid range jumper. Very effective in the pick and roll. Dives hard to the basket and no one could challenge him. Very strong around the basket. Great hands and scored a lot on put backs. Will finish with dunks around the rim. Uses the spin move well on post ups but needs to develop more offensive moves out of the post. Solid passer out of the post. Solid overall defender. Moves very well and is quick laterally. Elite shot blocker. Uses his length to his advantage without fouling. Active on both ends of the boards. Gets great position. Soft hands coral rebounds with ease. Plays well above his age. Most intriguing prospect in the tournament.

Projection : Very High Division 1 Prospect



6’3” – PG – 2000– Class of 2019

Spain – CAI Zaragoza (club team)

Stats : 9.9 ppg. 2.3 rpg. 6.4 apg. 2 spg.

Notes : Solid athlete with good quickness and leaping ability. Needs to work on his jump shot. Only shot 20% from 3. True point guard. Solid ball handler. Likes to use the crossover dribble to get by defenders. Great distributor. See’s the floor and passing lanes at a high level. Penetrates with ease and finds the open man. Scores mainly off of drives in the lane. Finishes well on the break. Solid defender. Plays passing lanes and pressure plays with physical defense. Steady, pass first, true point guard.

Projection : Mid Division 1 Prospect



6’6” – F – 2000 – Class of 2019

SpainJoventut (club team)

Stats : 17 ppg. 7.4 rpg. 2.9 apg. 1.3 spg. 28% 3pt. 67% ft.

Notes : Solid frame but needs to be more physical. Average athlete, slower not very explosive. Lacks lift. Lefty. Shooting form is very fundamental. Has 3 point range but struggled. Needs to improve his ball handling. A tweener SF/PF as of now. Scores easily 1v1 in post. Likes left hand hook and spin moves. Soft touch around the rim. Mostly below the rim finisher. Needs to be more patient but decisive while in the post. Takes too long to make his moves. Needs to develop better post awareness when trying to score. Feel what his defender is letting him do and just make a move. Solid passer out of post. Has potential to be very good in the pick and roll. Can play both forward spots but may be better suited as a stretch 4. Needs to improve defense. Lacks lateral quickness but not understanding of where to be. Solid rebounder. Boxes out well and uses positioning to get rebounds. Overall a versatile threat on offense but defense must improve.

Projection : High Division 1 Prospect

Italy EURO U 16 Scouting Reports

Italy finished 7th at the 2016 U 16 Euro’s



6’5” – SG – 2000 – Class 2019

Italy – Umana VE (club team)

Stats : 18 ppg. 4.4 rpg. 3.1 apg. 1.6 spg. 1 bpg.

Notes : Long, but big frame. Needs to fill out and get stronger. Explosive athlete and a great leaper. Needs to work on his outside shot. Ball handling needs more development. Relies on quickness and length to get by defenders. Plays under control. Scores in a variety of ways post, mid range, floaters, face up. At his best when attacking the basket using his length and size. Very crafty and slithery in the lane. Finishes extremely well on the break with dunks. Excels in the open floor with his elite athleticism. Very good passer. Makes the easy pass and see’s the floor well. Very good on ball defender. Has active hands and plays with a high i.q. Best defensive asset is his recovery ability. Uses his length to bother and block shots at the rim especially chase down blocks on the break. Solid rebounder that can elevate in traffic.

Projection : High Division 1 Prospect



6’4” – PG – 2000 – Class 2019

Italy – Roma S.Azzurra (club team)

Stats : 15.8 ppg. 4.5 rpg. 4.8 apg. 1.7 spg. 39% 3p. 80% ft.

Notes : Solid strong frame. Decent athlete but lacks explosiveness. Very good shooter with 3 point range. Shoots well coming off screens or in the catch and shoot. Average ball handler, needs to improved skill moves. Protects the ball very well however. Excels at penetration. Absorbs and finishes with contact. Shooting free throws is a big part of his game, he went to the line 5 times per. Plays with a high understanding on offense and never forces the issue. See’s passing lanes extremely well. Very adept in finding the open man on penetration or when open near the basket. Steady defender. Uses body well to keep players in front. Solid rebounder for size.

Projection : Mid to High Division 1 Prospect



6’6” – F – 2000 – Class 2019

Italy – EA7 Armani (club team)

Stats : 7.7 ppg. 4.1 rpg. 82% ft.

Notes: Big strong body. Needs to continue to work on his body. Decent athlete for size but lacks explosiveness and lift. Has stretch 4 potential even though he only shot 27% from 3. His form is not bad but his rotation is inconsistent. Very good post scorer with either hand. Establishes deep post position and bullies smaller defenders. Below the rim finisher with a soft touch. Uses shot fakes well. Drives the lane with a quick first step. Uses the euro step effectively. Struggles with on ball defense due to lack of lateral quickness. Knows where to be on defense but struggles to get there. Gets very solid position on rebounds in the post, but should be at a higher rate with his size. Needs to be more active.

Projection : Mid Division 1 Prospect



6’5” – SF – 2000 – Class of 2019

Stats : 8.6 ppg. 4.4 rpg. 1.7 apg. 2.1 spg. 51% fg. 82% ft.

Notes : Solid frame and length. Strong. Average athlete. Lacks quickness and leaping ability. Shooting form very fundamental. Very good in the mid range and can step out and hit the 3 when open, but did struggle during the tournament at 20%. Ideal pick and pop player. Cuts to the basket very well and understands floor spacing. Below the rim finisher around the basket. High effort defender. Needs to improve on ball but due to lack of quickness. Crashes the boards well. Understands positioning and sealing off players.

Projection : Low to Mid Division 1 Prospect