Usman Garuba MVP Of U 16 Euro’s


6’7” – C – 2002 – Class 2021

Spain – Real Madrid

At 14, Garuba was the second youngest player in the tournament. He was the mvp of the tournament and the most dominant big man as well. Garuba’s body is that of a 20 year old. He has a big frame and great length. Strong and explosive athlete for his size. He runs the floor at an elite level for size and can handle the ball on the break as well.

His shooting form is ok, but his rotation needs work. He must improve his free throw shooting, which was just 35% in the tournament. He is a force down low so he will continue to get fouled the older and bigger he gets. He needs to develop a mid range jumper. He is a bit one dimensional, scoring mainly in the paint. He is very effective in the pick and roll. Garuba dives hard to the basket and no one could challenge him. Very strong around the basket. Great hands and scored a lot on put backs. Will finish with dunks around the rim. Uses the spin move well on post ups, but needs to develop more offensive moves out of the post. Solid passer especially out of the post.

Solid overall defender. Moves very well and is quick laterally. Elite shot blocker. Uses his length to his advantage without fouling. Active on both ends of the boards. Gets great position. Soft hands that coral rebounds with ease. He plays well above his age. Most intriguing prospect in the tournament.

Statline: 16.3 ppg. 12.4 rpg. 2 apg. 1.9 spg. 2.9 bpg. 72% fg.

Garuba would be a surefire high level division 1 player in the U.S. His ability is mind blowing at his age. He plays like he is in his 20’s and the other players are U 16, but he is only 14! My gut tells me Garuba will probably stay in Europe and turn pro until he is eligible for the NBA draft in 2024. Watch tape and see how he makes other players 2 years his older look like little kids.

Abdel Nader Signs With Maine Red Claws

Abdel Nader Should Thrive In Maine


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Abdel Nader played extremely well at the Portsmouth Invitational this year and showed some skills at the combine as well. Nader will be given a big opportunity with the Maine Red Claws in the D-league. The Red Claws are the Boston Celtics affiliate.

Nader was selected by the Celtics in the second round with the 58th pick. He was very impressive with the Celtics in summer league play. He showed his versatility on offense and on defense. Nader shows potential to be able to guard the 1-3 position. He is a plus athlete and a solid finisher at the rim. The area where Nader will need to improve is shooting the three ball. He shot 37% last year at Iowa State, which was 16% higher than the previous year. Nader will have to improve his consistency on his jumper to excel at the next level and have a chance to play in the NBA someday. Nader’s best quality is his relentlessness when attacking the basket. He uses his strong frame very well and can take a lot of contact while still getting shots off. His skill set is a great match for the up-tempo style of the D-league.

The following scouting report was done on Abdel Nader while at the Portsmouth Invitational.

Scouting Report: AbdelNader4-16-16

Nate Wolters Signs With The Nuggets

Nate Wolters Has A Great Opportunity


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Nate Wolters has signed a deal with the Denver Nuggets. Terms of the deal are currently unknown. Wolters will have a shot at cracking the roster, even though it is set at 15 already. The only point guards currently on the roster are Emmanuel Mudiay and Jameer Nelson.

Wolters has a great ability to create in the pick and roll. He shields himself from the defender and probes until the roll man has made a distinct move to the basket or flares for an open jumper. Nate is a more than willing passer and has the ability to score when needed. He is a pass first point guard, but will take what the defense gives him.

If Wolters can show a consistent ability to hit the three-point jumper and be a reliable defender, he has a very good shot at making the Nuggets roster. Nelson isn’t getting any younger and his production has fallen over the past several years. It is a matter of time before his effectiveness really takes a hit. Mudiay on the other hand needs more time to develop and Wolters could be a solid stop gap for him to do so. Wolters has a solid opportunity in front of him to return to the NBA. If I were the Nuggets I would give him a chance.


Scouting Report: NateWolters

The 2015-2016 Maryland Terrapins

The Five

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The following are scouting reports completed on the Maryland Terps during the 2015-2016 season. The reports completed were up to the date specified. The players include Melo Trimble, Jake Layman, Robert Carter Jr., Diamond Stone and Rasheed Sulaimon.


Scouting Reports:




Rasheed Sulaimon



Egidijus Mockevicius Scouting Report

Mockevicius Doing What He Does Best

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Egidijus Mockevicius recently just signed a deal with the Brooklyn Nets for a chance to make their roster during the preseason. It is reported that he will receive $100,000. guaranteed. Mockevicius was the leading rebounder in NCAA division I last season at 14 per game.That will be Mock’s calling card if he makes the roster. The Nets are in need of some depth at the center position. Mock will provide a solid physical body to get tough rebounds and play solid interior defense.

The only centers currently on the Nets roster are oft-injured Brook Lopez, inexperienced Justin Hamilton and Henry Sims. Mock will have a very good opportunity to crack the final roster. He will need to show more of an ability to make some plays on offense. If he can do that I think the decision will be between Mock or Sims. Hamilton is on a multi-year deal or else I would say it would be more of an open competition.

Mockevicius has the ability to make jumpers to about 18 feet. He is adequate in the pick and roll. He is not afraid to put his body on the line, as he sets solid fundamental screens. He will need to develop more in the post. He is not very polished, but if he were to make the team they would never run plays for him on offense to begin with. Especially if he were to share the court with Lopez, which may not be possible due to lack of versatility on offense. Mock will score mainly off hustle plays and put-backs.

Mock is a very tough defender in the post. If he continues to put weight on he will be even more solid down low. Mock averaged 2.76 blk. last season at Evansville. He does not project to be a prolific shot blocker, but he could surprise some guys on the weak-side. He also does a nice job altering shots without fouling. Mock is also very talkative on defense. Constantly calling out to teammates to keep everyone on the same page.

Mock has some potential to eventually be a rotation player in the NBA. He has a great opportunity right now with the Nets, but can he take advantage of it?


Scouting Report: EgidijusMockevicius4-16-16

Robert Carter Jr. Scouting Report

Robert Carter Jr. has signed a deal to play in Italy

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Robert Carter Jr. has signed a deal with Enel Basket Brindisi of Serie A in Italy. This is the top basketball league in Italy. Brindisi struggled last year and finished in 10th place failing to qualify for the league playoffs.

Robert Carter Jr. vastly underperformed with the Golden State Warriors in summer league play. Carter finished summer league play averaging just 6.2 ppg, 2.4 reb, while only shooting 22% from the field in 11 mpg. Not to mention, Carter who has solid stretch 4 type potential and versatility on offense went 0-11 from three during summer league play. That fact alone is why Carter is not getting an invite to any teams training camp.

Carter does have other areas he must improve if he wants to play in the NBA someday. He is a shaky on ball defender. His stance is very upright and he lacks good lateral foot movement. He is adequate in the post. His length helps him inside to bother shots, and he even can get a few help side blocks occasionally. Carter does not provide consistent effort on defense. He is more of a one way player at this stage in his career.

Another area where Carter needs to improve is his body. He shed a lot of weight when he transferred from Georgia Tech to Maryland, but its still a work in progress. He still has some weight on him that he could turn into muscle that would vastly improve his conditioning and overall strength.

Carter Jr. has all the tools to succeed in Italy or in the NBA. He may even end up playing some of the 5 this season. His skill set fits the Euro style very well. I would not be surprised to see him draw some interest for teams next season. There might even be a possibility, if he plays well, to come to the NBA D-League or earn a 10 day contract this season. This is all dependent upon what his deal was with Brindisi. Terms have yet to be released.


Scouting Report: RobertCarterJr.

Players That Impressed In NBA Summer League

The following players improved their stock during summer league play. Some have already garnered partial or non guaranteed deals, but they all have chances to land training camp spots.

Nate Wolters – Point Guard – Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards

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Wolters showed an ability to effectively run an NBA offense. He played under control and found open teammates regularly. Wolters could play spot minutes at point guard this coming season in the NBA, but if he doesn’t receive any offers he will do very well in Europe.

Scouting Report: NateWolters


Stefan Jankovic – Power Forward – Miami Heat

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Jankovic has great flexibility on offense. He has the ability to make the three-point shot and score in the post. His defense will be the question. He has already received a deal from the Heat to compete for a roster spot in training camp.

Scouting Report: stefan-jankovic


Briante Weber – Point Guard – Miami Heat

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Weber is a great defender. In college, he would have become the all-time NCAA leader in steals but was injured mid way through his senior year. Weber is not much of a scoring threat unless he is finishing drives in the lane. He prefers setting up his teammates for scoring opportunities. He also has received a deal from the Heat and will compete for a spot during training camp.

Scouting Report: BrianteWeber


Patricio Garino – Small Forward – Orlando Magic

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Garino is a 3 and D prospect. He has solid length and athleticism that translates to the NBA level. Garino performed well at the Orlando Summer League with the Orlando White squad. Currently he is preparing with Argentina’s national team for the Rio olympics. This could drastically improve his chances of landing a training camp deal if he performs well.

Scouting Report: Patricio Garino


Brandon Paul – Shooting Guard – Charlotte Hornets, Philadelphia 76ers

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Paul is a great athlete. He displays great strength for his size and uses it to his advantage. He is not a great shooter from the outside, but he excels at driving and finishing in the lane. Paul is also a solid defender. He can guard 1-3 even with his lack of height, because of his strength and athleticism. Paul has signed a partially guaranteed deal with Philly to compete for a roster spot in camp.

Scouting Report: Brandon Paul


Vander Blue – Shooting Guard – Dallas Mavericks

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Blue is a flat out scorer. He finished second in the NBA D-league last year at 26.3 ppg. He is not a great shooter from three, but he does well drawing contact in the paint. Blue does not project as a point guard at the NBA level. He will need to improve his defense as well. He lacks consistent effort on the defensive side of the ball. Blue has potential to be a bench scorer for teams lacking fire power, but his lack of three-point shooting and versatility hurt his chances.

Scouting Report: Vander Blue