The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout

The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout – Game 6 & 7

The Charm City College Classic
Morgan State vs Towson
Loyola Chicago vs Maryland
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The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout – Game 6 & 7


December 8 – The Charm City College Classic


Morgan State vs Towson & Loyola Chicago vs Maryland

Being a forward thinker I asked my wife to drop me off and pick me up from this event in downtown Baltimore at the Royal Farms Arena or The Chicken Box, as some people say. Pretty self explanatory there….. The arena is shaped like a box and Royal Farms sells chicken (you’re welcome to all the slower thinkers out there). I did not want to deal with parking in the city and paying anything either. The other option was to take the light rail from Glen Burnie to Baltimore. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s a process to park there and load and wait and do it all again to leave, then get back in my vehicle to drive home. It’s much easier when you have capable loved ones willing to help out (thanks Kell, Winnie and Junior).

So the even was extremely well run by Charm City Charities. Checkout   They are a non-profit organization that looks to help the local youth by providing academic support, athletic training, overall wellness and mentorship.

I see this event really growing in the next few years. Maybe they can get a two-day tournament out of it. Maybe a whole weekend. Get 8 local teams, not including Maryland, because I doubt they would agree. A lot of the local teams play each-other anyway so why not do it all in one weekend and make some magic happen for the city of Baltimore. One of these days Maryland could have a showcase game at like 8 p.m. vs a Virginia, Villanova, West Virginia or someone who is somewhat local to draw a good crowd. 

Shout out to BJ Smith, who is the starting shooting guard for the DMV Warriors of the ABA. This is the local pro team in Maryland that I scout for. BJ is an entrepreneur. He has his own clothing line, does tattoos, wellness and health products etc. He was volunteering with Charm City Charities to help organize and contribute to the event. His website is

It was also good to meet local media and college basketball fanatic Stephen Hiegel. He is a good guy and just started his website last season. His website is


IMG_3122The first game was Morgan State vs Towson. Two pretty contrasting styles of play. Towson is very methodical and a bit clunky at times on offense. That seems to be there identity recently. They are a very physical team, but lack in playmaking ability for teammates. Morgan State is a smaller, yet feisty team. They play around 10-12 guys, with 8 of those getting pretty significant minutes. Coach Todd Bozeman will not hesitate to chew one of his guys out and yank him out of the game real quick.

Towson played a decent first half. They attacked the basket well and got to the foul line. They controlled the tempo and flow of the game. The second half was a different story. Morgan employed a full court press and that gave Towson fits. They couldn’t handle it. Towson has lacked point guard depth the past few years. Tobias Howard had 6 turnovers of his own and he is the Tigers only true point guard. Morgan did a great job pressuring the ball. This was led by senior, point-guard Martez Cameron. Cameron is the engine for Morgan. He keeps things flowing and under control. They like to play fast and he is the one steady veteran presence to make sure the chaos is organized. Cameron had 14 points on the day, but his presence was felt more than just that. Freshman guard Sherwyn Devonish-Prince Jr. led both teams with 19 points. Prince is a scorer. That’s what he does and that’s all he looks to do. He can pass a little but he is not developed in that area yet. For Towson junior shooting guard Brian Fobbs was the brightest spot. He is a cold-blooded scorer. He is a big-bodied physical guard that can bully his way to the basket or step out and hit the three. Fobbs will fare very well in the Colonial Athletic Association for Towson.

The second game was Maryland vs the Fighting Sister Jean’s or Loyola Chicago. This game was pretty competitive until Maryland pulled away late into the second half. The defense was key for Maryland they held Loyola to just 41 points. Clayton Custer and Marques Townes were held to 9 points a piece. Big man Cameron Krutwig had 12 points and 8 rebounds. Custer the leader of the Ramblers was out of sync the whole game. He never really got it going and Cowan did a solid job defending him. Townes struggled shooting the ball and only found success when he drove to the basket, which is his best skill. He probably thought twice before doing so against Maryland’s size. The Terps had 13 blocks on the day and forced 19 turnovers….. so, that explains the rough day for Loyola right there. Krutwig had some success but overall missed some easy ones and seemed bothered by Bruno Fernando’s intensity on the defensive end. Despite 5 turnovers for Cowan he forced the pace in the second half and ended the game with 17 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists. Maryland was in control majority of the game. There never was much of a threat of a run on Loyola’s side. Maryland was playing very good defense and Loyola was struggling to make any type of shots.

 There was one interesting point in the second half. It was after a timeout during an inbounds set for Maryland. Cowan found himself a wide-open three pointer right in front of Loyola’s bench. He ended up missing the shot, but I’ll be darned if it didn’t look like wild-man, Loyola coach Porter Moser almost caressed Cowan or whispered sweet nothings into his ear as he shot. Moser was so close to him it was wild! Refs were telling Moser to stay behind the coaches line all game and he would oblige while sweet-talking back to them. He is a coach oozing of passion for the game. He has put his time in before the success of last season. It was much deserved. He has no one but the good Lord and Sister Jean to thank for that.


SIDE NOTE – My toilet flooded recently. We had to get a plumbing company to come out. Well guess what….. It happened again Tuesday night, while I was on the toilet. You’re welcome for the visual.

This was after I had the stomach flu all day Monday. Mind you this was after eating almost a whole family size bag of crab chips with my son Junior, some popcorn (this popcorn is a special mix… spray butter, salt and vinegar chips and cayenne pepper sprinkled on), eating 6 chicken wings that were dry rub garlic parmesan (these were fresh then frozen then un-frozen and sat in the fridge for a few more days), while also having a few big cups of whiskey and coke and watching Home Alone 2……. It was the perfect storm. There were a lot of regrettable decisions made in that eating session.

It was no joke. I couldn’t get out of bed until around noon on Tuesday. I had to call out of work for 2 days.

The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout – Game 5

The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout – Game 5

Virginia @ Maryland
and some other interesting events

The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout – Game 5


November 28 – Virginia @ Maryland


 Before departing for the game I had to drop my 2 little ones off at my parents. I have a 4 year old daughter named Winter and a 3 year old son named Junior. I took them to Pop and Mim’s house so they could go to Awana (a church ministry for little kids). They always have fun there, so it’s a win-win for this guy. My wife Kelly, wasn’t home she had to go see a client. She is an important person unlike me. So I left my parents at around 5:40, and arrived inside the Xfinity Center around 6:45 ish. Not bad for I-295 traffic. I arrived hoping to be one of the earlier guys from the media/scouting crowd…… Should’ve know better.

This is an old ACC rivalry game. There was a ton of media from neighbor Virginia and Maryland had plenty as usual. Also in attendance were 39 different scouts from 24 NBA franchises, according to Assistant Media Relations Director of the University of Maryland Sean Ellenby (via Twitter)…… So, no I was not early enough. It was packed. Probably the most packed it will be all season due to Virginia being in such close proximity. The chairs were basically touching each other in the media section. And it was almost shoulder to shoulder of people when seated…..

Very entertaining game and I’m glad they credentialed that many people. I have been declined once, but they accidentally sent me a credential for the Indiana @ Maryland game a couple of years ago. Yes, that is the game where OG Anunoby had that massive dunk that looked alien-like. I had a stupendous view from the student overflow section and I had to stand the whole time…. Even so at least I got in!

 Food for thought – Sardi’s was catered. It was lunchmeat sandwiches, salad, pasta salad and cookies. Solid spread and no complaints for this guy, especially when its free food.

 As far as the actual game…. Virginia just executes everything. They are so efficient on offense and defense. Kyle Guy and Ty Jerome made 8 of 16 three’s between them. Many off them Guy was running like a madman off screens like JJ Redick, or like Rip Hamilton except from downtown. He would curl off the screen, square up and let it fly. It was super fast. I was very impressed with how he worked off the ball. Jerome was just a constant calming presence. He never gets rattled, plays under control. He can score with a floater in the lane or hit the deep ball as well. He also is a solid defender. Has the size at 6’5 to guard and switch if needed. Both of these guys in the backcourt will continue to carry the torch of high energy pests and efficient players that Tony Bennett cranks out on a yearly basis since he has been at Virginia. Virginia’s best overall player and a clear 1st round NBA prospect is DeAndre Hunter. Hunter is 6’7 225 with a nice frame and good length. He is a smooth player. He can handle the ball, shoot the three and understands the game on offense. He makes backdoor cuts and see’s the open man as well. Very good defender (who isn’t on Virginia), solid rebounder and just a constant mismatch. Hunter is the player Virginia has not had during these past 5 seasons or so of great success under Bennett. His athleticism and range of skills is just superior over other Virginia guys.

 The reason Maryland stayed in the game was big man Bruno Fernando. Fernando is just and issue in the paint. He scored on Jack Salt several times. Salt is a solid interior defender. Fernando needs to be encouraged to be more aggressive. He needs to touch the ball more often. He either scores the ball or gets fouled almost every time. He’s shooting near 80% from the field and seems to have improved his foul shooting. One thing he needs to sure up is he always goes for blocks and that is what opened the door for the big man from New Zealand (Jack Salt) to score on several put back dunks. Bruno will figure this out in time.

This game was a good confidence boost for both squads. It was Virginia’s first road test and Maryland’s first big test overall. Each team can be encouraged by a well-played game overall.


So, towards the end of the game I got a text from my wife saying there was bad news and she would tell me when I walked to the car after the game….. So after the press conference I made my trek through the parking lot and my wife tells me our downstairs toilet overflowed pretty bad and leaked sewage and other nasty stuff. Yup. This was not cool, but hey I wasn’t home and my parents helped clean it up. So, I was appreciative of that for sure. I thought….. Yah know, I really dodged a bullet here…… And then Thursday night it happened again when I was home with the kids and it spread out in the office and living room….. It was way worse than Wednesday night. It also flooded the kids play room downstairs. I had a plumber come that night from like 9:45pm to close to midnight. He didn’t help. He was more of a handy man jack of all trades….. I guess. So a professional company didn’t come to help until Saturday afternoon. This was after I called 6 different people/companies. Everyone is “backed-up” (see what I did there) apparently. The culprit ended up being BABY WIPES. Never flush those bad boys trust me. It only cost me $520 total bones after all. But in the end I am supposedly getting new flooring now thanks to home owners insurance. So that’s a positive.


I failed to mention before this second flood that I was using the leaf blower in the yard and then filled the gas tank back up. My daughter distracted me inside the house for a minute. Then I went back outside the garage and started the blower up…… I forgot to put the cap back on the gas tank and spewed gas all over myself and my driveway. My washer and dryer were full of course. I then had to get down into my boxers throw a trench coat on and splash water on the driveway to clean it. Then I showered the kids early and then myself as well. My garage and my driveway still reek of gas. Little did I know on this night this was just the beginning of my problems.

The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout – Game 3

The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout – Game 3


November 23 – Marshall @ Maryland


This was my first trip to College Park this season. The traffic was fun as usual. Only took me an extra 15 minutes or so than if there was no traffic. It was pretty cold too, like low thirties range. I’m just glad I had a solid parking pass so I didn’t have to walk as far. That’s not always the case, since the priority normally goes to the “Big Dogs”. Maryland always takes good care of the media and I have always been treated well also. Not to mention they have solid catered food every time. This time was Chick-fil-A….. always a crowd pleaser.

I also was blessed with a seat with the NBA scouts so that was cool. One ex-NBA player was in attendance. He showed up a few minutes into the game. It was none other than local Eleanor Roosevelt high school product Delonte West. He has not been in the news in the past couple of years, after the rumors of him having some issues and possibly being homeless. I did not speak to Delonte. And to the chagrin of my pastor and friend Tim that was there in attendance, I never asked if Gary Williams recruited him to go to Maryland. If I see him again maybe I will spark a conversation, but this time I didn’t want to bother him! I’m not sure exactly why he was there but there is a player on Marshall (Jarrod West Jr.) with the same last name. Either way Delonte was just enjoying a game of basketball very quietly.

So the game was extremely one sided. It was supposed to be close. Maryland won 104-67. They led by over 40 at a point. Marshall loves to get up and down the court. They are led by Jon Elmore and C.J. Burks. Coming into the game they averaged 44 points a game combined. Well this night they had 16 total. Elmore struggled with his shot and really had an issue with Maryland’s length. He made many passes while in the air leaving his feet. Some were on target but several were tipped leading to loose balls or turnovers. Elmore has a great feel for pick and roll play and is a solid shooter off the dribble and from 3. Tonight was just not his night. C.J. Burks showcased an ability to score off the drive. He finished a few tough layups off the glass using his length to convert. Burks has a quick first step and also is a solid a shooter from 3. Both of these guys are candidates for the Portsmouth Invitational. Almost certainly not drafted. They could have very successful careers overseas or get shots in the NBA G-League.

 Side note Jannson Williams could be a guy to keep an eye on. He came into the game averaging like 5 points. He finished with 21 and eventually fouled out. The 6’9 forward showed an ability to hit the 3 off the catch and shoot as well as finish some alley-oops at the rim.

 Maryland thrived in this high octane game. Maybe we will see this more often. It would be exciting for the fan base and would also showcase the squads athleticism. Maryland was hitting from 3 point range as well. If they can shoot anywhere near as well as they did they will be a factor in the Big 10. Eric Ayala was impressive and showed confidence in his shot. Something he was struggling with earlier in the season. Anthony Cowan was his normal spark plug self. He had countless wide open lanes to the baskets for lay ups. It was like Marshall just parted the Red Sea for him. Bruno Fernando showcased his best pro skill all night. He had 16 rebounds. He boxes out well when focused and he can elevate better than any player on the floor for rebounds.

 This game was supposed to be like a 6 or 7 point game. Marshall is a very good team and on this night of Chick-fil-A and a Delonte West sighting, they were no match for Maryland.

 Maryland will have a much different style game on its hands when Virginia come to town Wednesday night. We all know Virginia is a grind it out, slow pace, methodical type of team. They are the polar opposite of Marshall. It will be very interesting to see how Maryland responds.

One last thing…… Turgeon did not seem thrilled that the Terps drew Virginia in the ACC – Big 10 challenge….. but, hey at least it’s at home.


The Life of a Freelance Basketball Scout

November 9 – Veteran’s Classic @ Navy

 Getting to the game was fun….. It was raining the whole way down Ritchie Highway as me, my Pops, Mr. Ken and Ms. Jen were conversing about basketball and other things. When we came to the split off of Ritchie to go left towards the Bay Bridge and towards the Naval Academy base or to go right towards downtown Annapolis, we didn’t realize we had to get over to the left until the traffic was too bad and the rain, so we were forced right. No worries we thought….. It should only add 10 minutes tops right? Wrong! (insert Donald Trump debate gif)

 This made us go the back way through downtown Annapolis which is annoying with a bunch of weird traffic patterns, one way streets and of course a traffic circle; because, no trip is complete while making wrong turns without a traffic circle. So we eventually get to one of the entrances of the base and enter. The entrance is literally located on a back street past some cobblestone area near the docks in Annapolis. Crazy old school town. But whatever we made it…… We thought……

 The naval base is super confusing and its dark due to day light savings time kicking in the weekend before. Its only 5 ish mind you. Wichita State vs Providence tip is at 6. We have plenty of time. Heh. Not so fast. Lets get turned around in the base and get blocked off by construction and get caught to where there is only one-way roads. Sounds good to me. Its around 5:15 or so after getting turned around multiple times, we find this other road that is a back-road that leads us in between a few buildings next to a few dumpsters and back to where we entered the base. The Naval officer that gave us directions when we entered gave us very fast and convoluted directions. Thanks, we appreciated it. So we turned back around and saw a few extremely poor lit signs that zig-zagged us through campus and to the parking deck next to the arena. We had finally made it. It was roughly 5:30. Doesn’t sound to bad does it? It sucked. Only a 30 minute detour, but hey at least I wasn’t driving. Thanks Mr. Ken!

 P.S. if anyone ever tries to invade the Naval Academy Base, hah good luck you’ll have no clue where you’re going. And did I mention we even had a map…..


First game Wichita State vs Providence

 Wichita 83 – Providence 80

Other than the amazing human that was the Providence fan behind us, the best two players on the floor were Alpha Diallo of Providence and Markis McDuffie from Wichita State. Diallo is a point forward. Solid pro-ready frame. He could develop into a big lead guard. He has the vision and is a good catch and shoot player from 3. He plays tough defense on and off ball. On the other hand Markis McDuffie was the other NBA prospect. McDuffie has a slender build with good length and will need to get stronger. He struggled to shoot from three and mid range early on. He then caught fire later finishing with 32 points. McDuffie has a solid catch and shoot 3, although he has somewhat of a hitch in his shot. He is a plus athlete and can drive the ball to the basket as well. He is a plus defender that is very active.

 Side note about the Providence fan. He loved using the word “Bloody”. “Get the bloody ball!” Get the Bloody board!”. Classic New England accent as well. He also tried to explain to his significant other that Providence is playing an NBA style defense…… They were playing zone the whole time…… So yeah….. Very informed basketball guy.

 Second game Maryland vs Navy


Maryland 78 – Navy 57

So in this game Navy hung tough for about 32 minutes until Maryland pulled away for the comfortable win. The intriguing players for Maryland were the two big men. Bruno Fernando and Jalen “Sticks” Smith. Both NBA draft prospects had the size advantage but struggled to get involved with the slow pace Navy played with. Bruno has an NBA frame and some offensive skills, yet he never seems to showcase his mid range jumper. His best skill is his rebounding. Smith was in foul trouble in the second half and never checked back in after like the 10 minute mark. Smith alters and blocks shots. He also has 3 point range on the catch and shoot. He is a modern 4, but will need to fill out to be a 5. Time will tell but he will probably be a one and done. Anthony Cowan led the way with 24 points, scoring many on late breakaways to blow the game open. He will be looked on for leadership for this young team. Darryl Morsell was the one that really changed the momentum of the game. He forced the ball inside with his driving ability instead of settling for outside shots like his other teammates. Morsell is a physical energetic player, this game fit him perfectly against a smaller physical mid major squad.

 For Navy John Carter Jr. played well chipping in all the categories. No not that John Carter….. He garnered 8 rebounds as a 6’4 freshman against a much bigger Maryland team. Hasan Abdullah did what he normally does playing extremely tough on ball defense and be a steady point guard. George Kiernan struggled to get involved. He was overmatched all night but will be relied on heavily in the Patriot League. Overall Navy just could not score to keep pace.

 Shout out to the Navy fan behind us that was crackling like a rooster all game and saying that Maryland’s team was not disciplined after a technical foul. You gave our heads a piercing ring each time and for that we say thank you.

 Oh yeah when we left the game, we left the base in the matter of 60 seconds, crossed a bridge and were home in the matter of 30 minutes. Better than getting lost in the base for over a half hour alone. Also you can’t park at the academy unless you’re driver has a DOD government card if you don’t. Something like that. Anyways good times to be had going to a game there.

Senior Pro Prospects and Portsmouth Reports 2017-2018

PITThe 2017-2018 college basketball has finished. We have completed 112 scouting reports for college seniors from Division 1,2,3 and NAIA. We also have a recap of the Portsmouth Invitational. This includes a report about all 64 players that were in attendance.

The fee’s are as follows. They are all in US dollars.

75$ for the senior scouting reports

75$ for the Portsmouth reports

125$ for all of the reports

If you’re interested a link to my PayPal is included. Or we can use Venmo or the Cash app.  Please send me an email to to confirm and get more info from each other.



Final List of Top Pro Prospects in Maryland and DC 2017-2018

Final List of Top Pro Prospects in Maryland and DC 2017-2018

This is the final list for the top prospects in Maryland and the Washington D.C. area for the college season of 2017-2018.

Many things happened since the last time I did a list in January. Maryland faltered towards the end of their season. Georgetown continue its up and down play. Towson completely imploded. George Mason was up and down Navy had its moments as well. Mount St. Mary’s had a disappointing end as well. Overall there was only one team that got stronger. Of course that was UMBC. UMBC won the America East and went on its way to beat Virginia in the NCAA tournament as the first 16 seed to ever beat a 1 seed.

Remember these rankings slightly favor upperclassmen. With all this said here are the final rankings.

  1. Bruno Fernando
  2. Kevin Huerter
  3. Justin Jackson
  4. Jessie Govan
  5. Jairus Lyles
  6. Marcus Derrickson
  7. Yuta Watanabe
  8. Tiwian Kendley
  9. Zane Martin
  10. Mike Morsell
  11. Anthony Cowan
  12. Michal Cekovsky
  13. Junior Robinson
  14. Shawn Anderson
  15. R.J. Cole
  16. Sa’eed Nelson
  17. Otis Livingston II
  18. K.J. Maura
  19. Andre Walker
  20. Patrick Steeves

Others in consideration: Phillip Carr, Charles Williams, Jonathan Mulmore, Deshaun Morman, Justin Gorham, Darryl Morsell, Cam Gregory, Arkel Lamar, Joe Sherburne, Jaire Grayer


Prospects on teams

Howard – R.J. Cole and Charles Williams

George Mason – Otis Livingston II, Jaire Grayer, Goanar Mar

Georgetown – Jessie Govan, Marcus Derrickson, Jonathan Mulmore

Navy – Shawn Anderson, Bryce Dulin, Hasan Abdullah and Tom Lacey

American – Sa’eed Nelson, Larry Motuzis

Towson – Zane Martin, Mike Morsell, Brian Starr, Deshaun Morman, Justin Gorham, Eddie Keith

Maryland – Kevin Huerter, Bruno Fernando, Justin Jackson, Michal Cekovsky, Darryl Morsell, Anthony Cowan, Dion Wiley, Jared Nickens, Ivan Bender, Joshua Tomaic

Loyola MD – Andre Walker, Cam Gregory, James Fives, Andrew Kostecka, Chuck Champion, Isaiah Hart

Mount St. Mary’s – Junior Robinson, Chris Wray and Jonah Antonio

George Washington – Yuta Watanabe, Jair Bolden, Arnaldo Toro, Patrick Steeves, Terry Nolan Jr.

Morgan State – Tiwian Kendley, Phillip Carr, Martez Cameron, LaPri McCray-Pace, Stanley Davis

UMBC – Jairus Lyles, Arkel Lamar, K.J. Maura, Joe Sherburne, Jourdan Grant

Maryland Eastern Shore – Logan McIntosh

Coppin State – Karonn Davis


The Top 20 Pro Prospects in Maryland and Washington D.C.

The Top 20 Pro Prospects in Maryland and Washington D.C.


Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images


The following is my first list of the top 20 D1 prospects in MD/DC. This list will change every so often the more I get to see different schools and players. Schools I still need to see more from are George Mason, Morgan State, Mount St. Mary’s, Maryland Eastern Shore and Coppin State. This list is as current as January 2, 2018.

Here we go…..

  1. Justin Jackson
  2. Bruno Fernando
  3. Kevin Huerter
  4. Jairus Lyles
  5. Jessie Govan
  6. Darryl Morsell
  7. Anthony Cowan
  8. Michal Cekovsky
  9. Zane Martin
  10. Yuta Watanabe
  11. Mike Morsell
  12. Shawn Anderson
  13. Jair Bolden
  14. Sa’eed Nelson
  15. Marcus Derrickson
  16. R.J. Cole
  17. Junior Robinson
  18. Andre Walker
  19. Tiwian Kendley
  20. Patrick Steeves


Others in consideration: Charles Williams, Jonathan Mulmore, Hasan Abdullah, Deshaun Morman, Justin Gorham, Jared Nickens, Ivan Bender, Cam Gregory, Chuck Champion, Martez Cameron, Arkel Lamar, Joe Sherburne, Joshua Tomaic, Phillip Carr, Otis Livingston II, Jaire Grayer, Goanar Mar

Here is a breakdown of prospects looked at per school


Howard – R.J. Cole and Charles Williams


George Mason – Otis Livingston II, Jaire Grayer, Goanar Mar


Georgetown – Jessie Govan, Marcus Derrickson, Jonathan Mulmore


Navy – Shawn Anderson, Bryce Dulin, Hasan Abdullah and Tom Lacey


American – Sa’eed Nelson, Larry Motuzis


Towson – Zane Martin, Mike Morsell, Brian Starr, Deshaun Morman, Justin Gorham, Eddie Keith


Maryland – Huerter, Fernando, Jackson, Cekovsky, Morsell, Cowan, Wiley, Nickens, Bender, Tomaic


Loyola MD – Andre Walker, Cam Gregory, James Fives, Andrew Kostecka, Chuck Champion, Isaiah Hart


Mount St. Mary’s – Junior Robinson and Jonah Antonio


George Washington – Yuta Watanabe, Jair Bolden, Arnaldo Toro, Patrick Steeves, Terry Nolan Jr.


Morgan State – Tiwian Kendley, Phillip Carr, Martez Cameron, LaPri McCray-Pace, Stanley Davis


UMBC – Jairus Lyles, Arkel Lamar, K.J. Maura, Joe Sherburne, Jourdan Grant


Maryland Eastern Shore –

Coppin State –


As I said before this list will change periodically. This is what I have right now. Stay tuned for updates on prospects in the Maryland/DC area.