Usman Garuba MVP Of U 16 Euro’s


6’7” – C – 2002 – Class 2021

Spain – Real Madrid

At 14, Garuba was the second youngest player in the tournament. He was the mvp of the tournament and the most dominant big man as well. Garuba’s body is that of a 20 year old. He has a big frame and great length. Strong and explosive athlete for his size. He runs the floor at an elite level for size and can handle the ball on the break as well.

His shooting form is ok, but his rotation needs work. He must improve his free throw shooting, which was just 35% in the tournament. He is a force down low so he will continue to get fouled the older and bigger he gets. He needs to develop a mid range jumper. He is a bit one dimensional, scoring mainly in the paint. He is very effective in the pick and roll. Garuba dives hard to the basket and no one could challenge him. Very strong around the basket. Great hands and scored a lot on put backs. Will finish with dunks around the rim. Uses the spin move well on post ups, but needs to develop more offensive moves out of the post. Solid passer especially out of the post.

Solid overall defender. Moves very well and is quick laterally. Elite shot blocker. Uses his length to his advantage without fouling. Active on both ends of the boards. Gets great position. Soft hands that coral rebounds with ease. He plays well above his age. Most intriguing prospect in the tournament.

Statline: 16.3 ppg. 12.4 rpg. 2 apg. 1.9 spg. 2.9 bpg. 72% fg.

Garuba would be a surefire high level division 1 player in the U.S. His ability is mind blowing at his age. He plays like he is in his 20’s and the other players are U 16, but he is only 14! My gut tells me Garuba will probably stay in Europe and turn pro until he is eligible for the NBA draft in 2024. Watch tape and see how he makes other players 2 years his older look like little kids.

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