Spain EURO U 16 Scouting Reports

Spain was the champion of the 2016 U 16 Euro’s



6’3” – G – 2000 – Class of 2019

Spain – Estudiantes (club team)

Stats : 5.1 ppg. 6.7 rpg. 3.1 apg. 2.4 spg.

Notes : Long. Very explosive athlete and leaper. Elite quickness. Needs to improve jump shot especially from 3. Shot release is in front of his face. Shot is way more fluid when in the catch and shoot or in rhythm. Needs to improve ball handling to play point guard. Potential is there but basically a 2 guard right now. Very good defender. Very good on ball. Very quick. Causes a lot of turnovers and has potential to be a lockdown defender. Elite rebounder for size. Elevates in traffic over players. Out jumps everyone.

Projection : Low Division 1 Prospect



5’10” – PG – 2000 – Class 2019

Spain – Joventut (club team)

Stats : 9.1 ppg. 2.6 rpg. 3.4 apg. 3.3 spg. 34% 3pt.

Notes : Small but elite quickness especially with the ball. Most passionate player on the floor. Solid 3 point shooter but starts his shot very low and sometimes has too quick of a release without holding his follow through. May struggle to get shots off against bigger defenders. Tends to take very deep ill-advised 3’s at times. Extremely skilled ball handler especially in traffic. See’s floor well. Good passer on the break. Very pesky on ball defender. Can guard 1v1 full court. Great lateral quickness and fast hands. Complete pest on defense.

Projection : Mid Division 1 Prospect



6’7” – C – 2002 – Class 2021

Spain – Real Madrid (club team)

Stats : 16.3 ppg. 12.4 rpg. 2 apg. 1.9 spg. 2.9 bpg. 72% fg.

Notes : At 14 the second youngest player in the tournament. MVP of the tournament and most dominant big man. Big long frame. Strong and explosive athlete for size. Runs the floor at an elite level for size and can handle the ball on the break. Shooting form is ok but rotation needs work. Has to improve free throw shooting 35%. Needs to develop a mid range jumper. Very effective in the pick and roll. Dives hard to the basket and no one could challenge him. Very strong around the basket. Great hands and scored a lot on put backs. Will finish with dunks around the rim. Uses the spin move well on post ups but needs to develop more offensive moves out of the post. Solid passer out of the post. Solid overall defender. Moves very well and is quick laterally. Elite shot blocker. Uses his length to his advantage without fouling. Active on both ends of the boards. Gets great position. Soft hands coral rebounds with ease. Plays well above his age. Most intriguing prospect in the tournament.

Projection : Very High Division 1 Prospect



6’3” – PG – 2000– Class of 2019

Spain – CAI Zaragoza (club team)

Stats : 9.9 ppg. 2.3 rpg. 6.4 apg. 2 spg.

Notes : Solid athlete with good quickness and leaping ability. Needs to work on his jump shot. Only shot 20% from 3. True point guard. Solid ball handler. Likes to use the crossover dribble to get by defenders. Great distributor. See’s the floor and passing lanes at a high level. Penetrates with ease and finds the open man. Scores mainly off of drives in the lane. Finishes well on the break. Solid defender. Plays passing lanes and pressure plays with physical defense. Steady, pass first, true point guard.

Projection : Mid Division 1 Prospect



6’6” – F – 2000 – Class of 2019

SpainJoventut (club team)

Stats : 17 ppg. 7.4 rpg. 2.9 apg. 1.3 spg. 28% 3pt. 67% ft.

Notes : Solid frame but needs to be more physical. Average athlete, slower not very explosive. Lacks lift. Lefty. Shooting form is very fundamental. Has 3 point range but struggled. Needs to improve his ball handling. A tweener SF/PF as of now. Scores easily 1v1 in post. Likes left hand hook and spin moves. Soft touch around the rim. Mostly below the rim finisher. Needs to be more patient but decisive while in the post. Takes too long to make his moves. Needs to develop better post awareness when trying to score. Feel what his defender is letting him do and just make a move. Solid passer out of post. Has potential to be very good in the pick and roll. Can play both forward spots but may be better suited as a stretch 4. Needs to improve defense. Lacks lateral quickness but not understanding of where to be. Solid rebounder. Boxes out well and uses positioning to get rebounds. Overall a versatile threat on offense but defense must improve.

Projection : High Division 1 Prospect

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