Italy EURO U 16 Scouting Reports

Italy finished 7th at the 2016 U 16 Euro’s



6’5” – SG – 2000 – Class 2019

Italy – Umana VE (club team)

Stats : 18 ppg. 4.4 rpg. 3.1 apg. 1.6 spg. 1 bpg.

Notes : Long, but big frame. Needs to fill out and get stronger. Explosive athlete and a great leaper. Needs to work on his outside shot. Ball handling needs more development. Relies on quickness and length to get by defenders. Plays under control. Scores in a variety of ways post, mid range, floaters, face up. At his best when attacking the basket using his length and size. Very crafty and slithery in the lane. Finishes extremely well on the break with dunks. Excels in the open floor with his elite athleticism. Very good passer. Makes the easy pass and see’s the floor well. Very good on ball defender. Has active hands and plays with a high i.q. Best defensive asset is his recovery ability. Uses his length to bother and block shots at the rim especially chase down blocks on the break. Solid rebounder that can elevate in traffic.

Projection : High Division 1 Prospect



6’4” – PG – 2000 – Class 2019

Italy – Roma S.Azzurra (club team)

Stats : 15.8 ppg. 4.5 rpg. 4.8 apg. 1.7 spg. 39% 3p. 80% ft.

Notes : Solid strong frame. Decent athlete but lacks explosiveness. Very good shooter with 3 point range. Shoots well coming off screens or in the catch and shoot. Average ball handler, needs to improved skill moves. Protects the ball very well however. Excels at penetration. Absorbs and finishes with contact. Shooting free throws is a big part of his game, he went to the line 5 times per. Plays with a high understanding on offense and never forces the issue. See’s passing lanes extremely well. Very adept in finding the open man on penetration or when open near the basket. Steady defender. Uses body well to keep players in front. Solid rebounder for size.

Projection : Mid to High Division 1 Prospect



6’6” – F – 2000 – Class 2019

Italy – EA7 Armani (club team)

Stats : 7.7 ppg. 4.1 rpg. 82% ft.

Notes: Big strong body. Needs to continue to work on his body. Decent athlete for size but lacks explosiveness and lift. Has stretch 4 potential even though he only shot 27% from 3. His form is not bad but his rotation is inconsistent. Very good post scorer with either hand. Establishes deep post position and bullies smaller defenders. Below the rim finisher with a soft touch. Uses shot fakes well. Drives the lane with a quick first step. Uses the euro step effectively. Struggles with on ball defense due to lack of lateral quickness. Knows where to be on defense but struggles to get there. Gets very solid position on rebounds in the post, but should be at a higher rate with his size. Needs to be more active.

Projection : Mid Division 1 Prospect



6’5” – SF – 2000 – Class of 2019

Stats : 8.6 ppg. 4.4 rpg. 1.7 apg. 2.1 spg. 51% fg. 82% ft.

Notes : Solid frame and length. Strong. Average athlete. Lacks quickness and leaping ability. Shooting form very fundamental. Very good in the mid range and can step out and hit the 3 when open, but did struggle during the tournament at 20%. Ideal pick and pop player. Cuts to the basket very well and understands floor spacing. Below the rim finisher around the basket. High effort defender. Needs to improve on ball but due to lack of quickness. Crashes the boards well. Understands positioning and sealing off players.

Projection : Low to Mid Division 1 Prospect

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