Nate Wolters Signs With The Nuggets

Nate Wolters Has A Great Opportunity


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Nate Wolters has signed a deal with the Denver Nuggets. Terms of the deal are currently unknown. Wolters will have a shot at cracking the roster, even though it is set at 15 already. The only point guards currently on the roster are Emmanuel Mudiay and Jameer Nelson.

Wolters has a great ability to create in the pick and roll. He shields himself from the defender and probes until the roll man has made a distinct move to the basket or flares for an open jumper. Nate is a more than willing passer and has the ability to score when needed. He is a pass first point guard, but will take what the defense gives him.

If Wolters can show a consistent ability to hit the three-point jumper and be a reliable defender, he has a very good shot at making the Nuggets roster. Nelson isn’t getting any younger and his production has fallen over the past several years. It is a matter of time before his effectiveness really takes a hit. Mudiay on the other hand needs more time to develop and Wolters could be a solid stop gap for him to do so. Wolters has a solid opportunity in front of him to return to the NBA. If I were the Nuggets I would give him a chance.


Scouting Report: NateWolters

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