Egidijus Mockevicius Scouting Report

Mockevicius Doing What He Does Best

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Egidijus Mockevicius recently just signed a deal with the Brooklyn Nets for a chance to make their roster during the preseason. It is reported that he will receive $100,000. guaranteed. Mockevicius was the leading rebounder in NCAA division I last season at 14 per game.That will be Mock’s calling card if he makes the roster. The Nets are in need of some depth at the center position. Mock will provide a solid physical body to get tough rebounds and play solid interior defense.

The only centers currently on the Nets roster are oft-injured Brook Lopez, inexperienced Justin Hamilton and Henry Sims. Mock will have a very good opportunity to crack the final roster. He will need to show more of an ability to make some plays on offense. If he can do that I think the decision will be between Mock or Sims. Hamilton is on a multi-year deal or else I would say it would be more of an open competition.

Mockevicius has the ability to make jumpers to about 18 feet. He is adequate in the pick and roll. He is not afraid to put his body on the line, as he sets solid fundamental screens. He will need to develop more in the post. He is not very polished, but if he were to make the team they would never run plays for him on offense to begin with. Especially if he were to share the court with Lopez, which may not be possible due to lack of versatility on offense. Mock will score mainly off hustle plays and put-backs.

Mock is a very tough defender in the post. If he continues to put weight on he will be even more solid down low. Mock averaged 2.76 blk. last season at Evansville. He does not project to be a prolific shot blocker, but he could surprise some guys on the weak-side. He also does a nice job altering shots without fouling. Mock is also very talkative on defense. Constantly calling out to teammates to keep everyone on the same page.

Mock has some potential to eventually be a rotation player in the NBA. He has a great opportunity right now with the Nets, but can he take advantage of it?


Scouting Report: EgidijusMockevicius4-16-16

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