Dzanan Musa At The FIBA U17 Championship

Dzanan Musa

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Dzanan Musa is a 6’8″ point guard, that played for Bosnia and Herzegovina during the FIBA U17 Championship in Spain this past week. Despite Musa being 6’8″, he showed pure point guard skills and was always playing at his pace. He also destroyed the previous record of 41 points, which was tied by Jaylen Hoard of France earlier in the tournament, by scoring 50 points against Chinese Taipei. He was extremely efficient as he did so on only 26 shots and by going 11 of 15 from the free throw line.

Dzanan scored at will all tournament, but what was most impressive was his understanding of the game. He rarely forced the issue and took bad shots. He also tried to involve his teammates. If he saw someone with an open shot he would pass it to them without hesitation. This was extremely impressive considering he was the leading scorer in the tournament with an average of 34 ppg. Dzanan used his body to get by defenders and get into the lane where his scoring ability was on full display. He loved using his crossover and going left despite being right handed. He drew contact almost every time he drove the lane and averaged fifteen free throw attempts per game! Musa showed the ability to stretch the defense as well. He only shot 33% from three, but showed a consistent jump shot that should improve in time. This really kept the defense off balance and made it easy for him to play to his strength of driving the lane.

On defense Musa showed great versatility. His length allowed him to guard any position on the floor. He showed great awareness off passing lanes and also displayed quick hands. He finished averaging 1.4 steals per game and .9 blocks per game.

Dzanan proved to be the ultimate team leader throughout the tournament. He could be seen encouraging teammates and constantly talking during gameplay. This is exactly what you want from your point guard, leader and best player. Musa was perhaps the best overall player in the tournament. While he may not be the best athlete his competitiveness and fire more than made up for it. He finished with a final stat line of 34 ppg. 8.1 reb. 3 ast. 1.4 stl. .9 bs. 47% fg. 33% 3pt. 70% ft. 

Dzanan will be a coveted division 1 prospect, but he could easily stay the European route until he receives interest for the NBA.

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